Service and Support

Realtime Monitoring

Using Internet of Things (IoT) based technologies all of Stellar Visions solutions have software based “sensors” for monitoring so that each click or touch by the user is recorded and sent to our servers in real time. This enables live and historical usage statistics of the Patient Entertainment System, bedside Point of Care Terminals, Digital Content Displays and Electronic Patient Room Boards to be viewed in graphical and report formats from the central management portal.

Granular system usage data around module and sub module use is being collected. E.g. what content is being streamed, which games are being played what are the popular TV channels. What clinical or health education material is being opened, streamed or bypassed. Which areas of the Hospital Information are being viewed.

Hardware sensors also relay the health and status of each hardware device, CPU usage, temperature, and offline / online network status. Business rules can be setup to execute automated notifications and SNMP traps sent to third party systems if required. This enable proactive system management e.g. notification sent if terminal is “offline” for x number of hours or if no handset navigation detected in y number of hours.

Management Portal

The powerful and flexible Management Portal is the back-end administrative portal to configure, manage and support all of Stellar Visions smart hospital solutions. A single interface monitors and can manage all end point devices, applications, network services and servers. In case of an outage, based on the settings, it generates automated alarms, send emails, send SMS and inserts entries in the audit log. Uptime and SLAs can be calculated from this monitoring information

Support Models

Stellar Vision can deliver a support model that is tailored to your requirements. A number of support options are available:

  • Outsourced – Stellar Vision provide a fully managed 24 x 7 help desk function for the solution under a SLA, it includes remote monitoring, on-site call out, hardware swap-out and warranty management, software support, updated and upgrades.
  • Shared – Stellar Vision provides a fully managed 24 x7 help desk function for the software solution only under a guaranteed SLA. The support includes software support, updates and upgrades, remote monitoring and onsite call out. Hardware and existing infrastructure is managed by client.
  • On-site – Stellar Vision offers the services of full time on-site person to manage and coordinate all support requirements as a fully managed service

    Our platform is designed and built with high availability in mind with no single point of failure. The system would also be monitored 24 x 7 from our Network Operations Centre.

Ownership Models

Stellar Vision can accommodate the ownership model that suits your preferred Capex and Opex budgets. These include:

  • Outright Purchase
  • Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) solution
  • Patient or Hospital Rental platform
  • Leasing
  • Managed Service on a per bed per day fixed price
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a fully operation cost model for the provision of the platform which incorporates all the capital expenditures required, including hardware, network, structure cabling, instillation, software licenses, maintenance and system management fees.

Meet Stellar Vision team

Rob Lynch


Bryan Curtin

Chief Financial Officer

Brendan McCarthy

Chief Executive Officer

Dr A Rahman

Chief Technology Officer

Roksana Dipi

Client Support Manager


Executive Producer


Our clients talk about us

  • Change management is central to the success of all large scale projects and new initiatives. We delayed the updating of our Patient Engagement and Entertainment system for years. The recent experience with Stellar Vision made us wish we upgraded earlier. Their platform, delivery and ongoing system support for both staff and patients is  outstanding.
  • The degree and depth of technical knowledge at Stellar Vision sets them apart from their competitors. They are a true IT company who build and deliver their own solution, refreshing when so many suppliers are just resellers
  • I wish all our suppliers were as great to work with as Stellar Vision. They designed the transition out plan of the incumbent system with a focus on minimal impact to patient care. We thought the plan was ambitious given the requirement to build a full data network with endpoints to 650 beds. They handled it with ease. Five stars
  • You don't even know the know they entertainment system is there. This is a real positive for nursing and clinical staff, the time we use to spend helping patients with the old Hills system can now be better spent on patient care.
  • Stellar Visions platform enables our new mothers in maternity to watch educational videos we have produced possible. Usage data is showing a great response, feedback from the new parents is overwhelming positive.
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