Patient Engagement Solution

Patient Entertainment

Stellar Vision’s IP based Patient Entertainment and Engagement solution is modular, dynamic and fully responsive. All menu items, tile labels and event actions are fully configurable and customisable from the central management portal. The modular based design enables us to offer and deliver a flexible yet tailored solution to meet each hospital’s individual needs.

A selection of entertainment options is available for streaming to the device from content stored on a headend playout system or streamed over the internet. Entertainment content can be profiled and filtered as age appropriate and by areas. The Entertainment module can be made available by either Personal Subscription/Rental or Health District/ Sponsor provided. Modules are optimised for both end of bed with handset navigation or beside touch terminal.

Example menu options include:

  • TV Streaming - Free to Air TV channels are live streamed with EPG
  • Video-On-Demand - a library of Movie and TV Series content is provided and the user can select and play content at a time that suits them. (Netflix style). Content is updated monthly with the addition of the latest releases.
  • Podcasts - Audio news, sports, and Entertainment
  • Radio Stations - local FM and DAB stations
  • Audio Books - a range on genres for listening
  • Games - selection of Adult and Children (touch screen devices only)

Hospital Information

A content area dedicated to Hospital provided information. In short, an electronic version of the Patient Information Directory which can be enhanced with multimedia content. The content format can be integrative and engaging, video, audio, web/HTML pages, PDF, Power Point presentation and custom apps. The tile labels and icons are dynamic.

Example menu items include

  • Welcome Message
  • About the Hospital
  • Admissions Info
  • Directories
  • Discharge Info
  • Retail Outlets
  • Make a Donation – e.g. URL to hospital or donation collection providers web page
  • Support Services

My Care

This module if intended to focused on delivering information, features and services that improve the patients care and experience during their stay. This module can be profiled to be ward or patient specific.

Example menu options include:

  • Health Education / Clinical Videos - hospital provided or create, or third-party education content can be made available. Video and other content that is specific to the ward or patients’ conditions and needs.
  • Nurse Care/Concierge - non-clinical care requests can be initiated on the device and routed to the existing Paging, DECT, Smart Device or custom message. E.g. Water, House Keeping, WC Assistance etc.
  • Meal Ordering - the Hospitals meal ordering system can be integrated into the PES such that the patient and or care giver can order meals electronically.
  • Patient Experience – a module to design and run surveys or link to surveys for Patient Reported Outcomes and Measures.

Patient Entertainment System My CarePatient Entertainment System My Care
  • Video Calls – this module can be used for both outbound Video/Audio Calls to talk with family and friends, initiated from a secure link over WebRTC and or to access a conference room within Health Directs video conference platform.
  • Scheduling and Notifications – displays the patient’s daily schedule and allows for customised, scheduled or instant message notifications to be sent to the device.
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My Account

This module is required if services are offered on a user subscription / access model where the user pays for entertainment based on time periods. Accounting activities related to purchases, transactions, tax invoices and refunds are managed with My Account..

Example menu options include:

  • Purchase Credit – system rental and purchases can be made directly from the terminal in a step through process
  • Redeem Voucher – enables the system to be activated by redeeming PES Vouchers purchased on Kiosk (Cash, Credit Card) and Gift Card machines or from PES or Hospitals websites
  • Bed Transfer – a patient can move his PES account simply by entering there MRN number into the system at arrival in their new bed location. Bed transfers can also be automated if a HL7 Interface is made available

Patient Entertainment and Engagement System TV RentalPatient Entertainment and Engagement System TV Rental
  • Need Help – the patient can raise a service desk request from the bedside. All system related issues are managed remotely with only hardware issues requiring a technician to visit
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Meet Stellar Vision team

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Our clients talk about us

  • Change management is central to the success of all large scale projects and new initiatives. We delayed the updating of our Patient Engagement and Entertainment system for years. The recent experience with Stellar Vision made us wish we upgraded earlier. Their platform, delivery and ongoing system support for both staff and patients is  outstanding.
  • The degree and depth of technical knowledge at Stellar Vision sets them apart from their competitors. They are a true IT company who build and deliver their own solution, refreshing when so many suppliers are just resellers
  • I wish all our suppliers were as great to work with as Stellar Vision. They designed the transition out plan of the incumbent system with a focus on minimal impact to patient care. We thought the plan was ambitious given the requirement to build a full data network with endpoints to 650 beds. They handled it with ease. Five stars
  • You don't even know the know they entertainment system is there. This is a real positive for nursing and clinical staff, the time we use to spend helping patients with the old Hills system can now be better spent on patient care.
  • Stellar Visions platform enables our new mothers in maternity to watch educational videos we have produced possible. Usage data is showing a great response, feedback from the new parents is overwhelming positive.
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