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Stellar Vision Integration Engine

The Stellar Vision Integration Engine (SVIE) is a pluggable turnkey solution in a box for complex healthcare system integration. It supports all the widely used interfacing messaging standards, such as, HL7, DICOM, XML, CSV, SQL, GDT, ASTM, X12, NVP and ASCII. It also supports modern messaging standards, such as, MQTT, JSON and custom user-defined. It can virtually connect to any existing EMR/HER/PAS/HIS/PACS or medical devices. The SVIE has the following modules:

  • HL7 interface
  • DICOM interface
  • TCP/IP driver
  • Data Aggregation and Presentation module
  • REST API framework

The DICOM interface can query to any PACS/RIS system and display the pathology, radiology and the X-ray results to a format convenient to the clinicians. The Data Aggregation and Presentation module has a built in DICOM image viewer. Following features are available to the clinicians:

  • Search: A clinicians can search studies stored in any remote PACS server based on different search criteria, such as, patient name, MRN, Accession Number, dictation status and signed status.
  • Comparison Mode: A clinician can open previous studies and current study in a side by side comparison mode
  • Detail Mode: A clinician can view all associated Meta data (such as dictation) associated to the DICOM object.

hl7 Integration Enginehl7 Integration Engine

  • Operations on image: A clinician can perform following operation on an image: zoom, mirror, flip, rotate, pan, adjust window level, enable/disable cine mode, enable/disable grayscale mode and draw shapes (rectangle, eclipse, line, free hand text etc.).
  • Navigation Panel: A clinician can effortlessly load a series in the navigation panel for effective diagnosis.
  • Image Export: Images can be exported to various formats for archiving or burning to CD/DVD.

Stellar Vision has already developed several applications utilising its integration engine. Our Electronic Patient Room Board, Patient Portal and a Que Management System are such applications.

The SVIE has a REST API framework. Any application can seamlessly connect to it over HTTP(S) and get required data in JSON format. The data can be parsed and presented in an easy format on the bedside device by the corresponding application

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Our clients talk about us

  • Change management is central to the success of all large scale projects and new initiatives. We delayed the updating of our Patient Engagement and Entertainment system for years. The recent experience with Stellar Vision made us wish we upgraded earlier. Their platform, delivery and ongoing system support for both staff and patients is  outstanding.
  • The degree and depth of technical knowledge at Stellar Vision sets them apart from their competitors. They are a true IT company who build and deliver their own solution, refreshing when so many suppliers are just resellers
  • I wish all our suppliers were as great to work with as Stellar Vision. They designed the transition out plan of the incumbent system with a focus on minimal impact to patient care. We thought the plan was ambitious given the requirement to build a full data network with endpoints to 650 beds. They handled it with ease. Five stars
  • You don't even know the know they entertainment system is there. This is a real positive for nursing and clinical staff, the time we use to spend helping patients with the old Hills system can now be better spent on patient care.
  • Stellar Visions platform enables our new mothers in maternity to watch educational videos we have produced possible. Usage data is showing a great response, feedback from the new parents is overwhelming positive.
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